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The Buzz is a unique application that will automatically update with each new post and each new newsletter column that brings you value-added information all day directly to your desktop. There are in-depth conversations and actionable ideas each day. Topics include a wide variety of investments including equities, derivatives, commodities, and bonds.

It's insight you won't get anywhere else.

Who is it for?

Investment groups, hedge funds, brokerage houses...anyone who needs to be in the know, day to day, collaboratively, up to the minute. It's the only compliant community tool for the Financial Services industry.

How does it work?

While IM, Bloomberg Chat, or other solutions let you communicate one-on-one, the Buzz & Banter lets you communicate one to many. Talk, look at charts, add pictures -- include as many minds as you want. Great ideas don't emerge in a vacuum.

What does it cost?

Minyanville's Buzz & Banter is totally scalable. You get what you need and want -- no more, no less. And that's exactly what you'll pay for.

Discussion Groups

  • One analyst is in New York, another's in LA. One quant is in Chicago, another's in Dallas. But it's as if you're all in the same room.
  • Each group is individually managed, archived and can be edited at any time.

Real-Time Chat

  • Ideas are best when they're fresh. Real-time chat works best in, well, real time.
  • With each Buzz & Banter you get Minyanville's real-time commentary, insights, and ideas about the markets.

Community tools

  • The Buzz & Banter is scalable, manageable, archived, and compliant for the Financial Services industry.
  • Administrators can create filters, edit posts, and run usage reports. Flexibility and simplicity make this an invaluable tool.


  • No downloads, no special software required -- just log-in and you're on your way.
  • The Buzz & Banter is entirely Web-based, so you can access it whenever or wherever you are.


  • Email Us and see why the Buzz & Banter is the real-time tool that will transform your employees into a powerful community.